Chalk (CaCO3)

​- Environment-friendly calcium carbonate

(CaCO3) based chalk.

- smooth writing, clearly showing up,

easy to easy to erase, durable formula,        coated surface.

- 7 colors: white, red, orange, yellow,green, blue, purple.

Chalk Holder

​- ​Sharp type chalk Holder.

가죽지우개 비교사진(영문).jpg
극세사지우개 비교사진(영문).jpg
Eraser (Leather)

- Superfine fiber pad help erase more smoothly.
- The Eraser commonly adapt for leather pad or superfine fiber one.

- It is uniquely made of genuine leather,

one and only in the world.

- Unique texture is key to reduce chalk dust

while using by absorbing chalk dust.
- The Cleaner  Eraser is only for calcium

carbonate(CaCO3) based chalk.

Eraser (Microfiber)
Eraser Pad (Leather)
Eraser Pad (Microfiber)

Cleany Cleaner, helps the eraser be the new condition.

Cleaner (Chalkboard-use)

- Place and fix onto the chalkboard for

efficient use.

    Cleaner (Table-use)  

- Use in a convenient place.
- Attach it to the chalkboard.

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